Emergency Response & Recovery


Fire & Emergency Response

In selecting the resources of Djarraba Fire & Emergency Management you have the knowledge and reassurance that our people are available to guide, mentor and assist your organisation through any incident.

Our Emergency Response Teams (ERT) can provide assistance from on site co-operation or remote assistance.

Our service includes:

  • Emergency/Specialist advice hotline to our control room (24/7)

  • Respond to incidents on or off site in conjunction with your emergency plans

  • Incident management support and guidance

At the first sight, sound or feedback of an impending incident the Djarraba Team steps into Incident Mode as part of your approved, validated, tested and proven Emergency Incident Action Plan and guide you through the entire Incident.

Fire Watch/Cover

Djarraba can provide experienced and qualified emergency responders and incident managers to assist, monitor and guide your organisation through safer operations.

Not just providing staff to respond to emergencies, our staff supervise all aspects of the task at hand, from ensuring personnel are properly trained and accredited, conducting safety inductions, inspecting equipment for compliance to Australian Standards/relevant codes of practice and safe working methods are in place to prevent an incident.

We can provide Emergency Response Teams (ERT) for:

  • Grinding, welding, oxy acetylene cutting, gouging & heating.

  • Civil construction works.

  • Large, remote or complex facilities.

  • Forestry and Agricultural.

  • Aviation/Airports.

  • Waste management facilities.

  • Industrial and Railway - Hot works and production shut downs.

  • Asset Protection from Grass and Bushfires incl. Total Fire Ban Patrols

  • Community events - Music venues, fireworks, motor racing & festivals.

  • Film production and Theaters.


Incident Support & Recovery

If your organisation unfortunately has an incident once the Police, Fire Services, Ambulance, Rescue Teams and others leave site you are often left to pick up the pieces and reinstate operations.

If you have not prepared, planned, or practiced for this phase of the incident you may be overwhelmed, confused and left unable to resume operations in a clear, safe and reliable manner.
Often the recovery phase is that period that does the most damage to an organisation financially and the resilience of the organisation is stretched and sometimes never recovers.

  • Post Incident Investigations and Post Incident de-briefings.

  • Overseeing temporary repairs to damaged facilities.

  • Rehabilitation (welfare) and hazardous materials de-contamination support


Fire & Incident Investigation

Djarraba Fire & Emergency Management has the right people to investigate and report on any fire or incidents that may impact your organisation.

Our Lead Investigators are qualified with Post Graduate Certification from Charles Sturt University and regularly take part in professional development programs.

We can be your lead investigators, oversight investigators or peer reviewers of incident reports.


We are placed in a unique position where we can also offer this investigation across all emergency incidents, workplace incidents or review and validation of your organisations plans - draft or insitu.

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